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Control Your Mind

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If you avoid the problems you met, then the problems would come after you again and again.
If you feel depressed after you lost something, then you may lose more.

These behaviors are all the reflections of different psychology.
How to identify your mental state?
How to control your own mind?
How to get rid of the negative side in you mind?

This app carefully selects 50 common seen psychological problems and analyzes them one by one, thus helping you to read and control your mind! By this app, you can learn the psychological knowledge and strengthen your ability in solving problems.

Every action of human can be traced back to psychology. Combining the behaviors in life with psychology, you will feel the joy of psychology that you once think it is dull and boring. Read the meaning of different actions under different circumstances, you can not only know yourself, but also you can read others’ mind, then your social life and interpersonal relationship can become better and better.

Star from your own psychology, be a strong person from inside!

【Characteristics of the app】

50 common seen psychological problems
Massive examples
Analysis of human’s psychological weakness
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I have read 2/3 of this app. I think it is so useful.
--- yangchen
I used to dislike psychology for its baldness, however this app is interesting, which really surprise me.
--- Alin
The examples in this app are useful. I can take them as references for identifying my own situation.
--- Chystellar

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