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Appreciation and Collection of the Rare Stones

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Do you wanna be a professional collector?
Do you know the stories of the stones as a stone lover?
Do you know the spirit of the art of stone appreciation?

This app is the feelings and experiences of the stone lovers; it tells the history, form, classification and identification of the rare stones. It also describe the easy-to-confuse stones in detail and give advice on the identification and appreciation of the rare stones.

This app is divided into four parts: stories of the rare stone, rare stone quarrying, enlightenment of rare stone appreciation, art of rare stone appreciation. With the exquisite pictures of over 180 rare stones, introduction to stone species and the study on the stone base, this app provide readers with convenience to know ans appreciate the rare stone better.

With the display of the rare stone appearance in stories and the collection of over 40 stone species, you will get closer to the art of stone appreciation.

【Characteristics of the app】

High instruction value in operation
Introduction of identification features and maintenance skills
Shocking visual impact with exquisite pictures
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I got this app because it was recommended to me by several friends and it is indeed a beautiful and informative app.
--- Anne
I love the stories! These picturesque pictures are also eye catching.
--- Stacey
I was shocked by the comprehensive introduction. Its identification methods are so great; even I have a clear thought about how to identify stones.
--- Couch

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