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Paris in Her Eyes

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Café in Paris, museums in Paris, celebrities in Paris food, house, bridge, holiday and fashion in Paris, all these things, send out a unique sense of beauty.

Perhaps, every city has its own discordant places. But, once you are in love with her, you can tolerate all the shortcomings of her and even fall in love with her faults. And her advantages are to let you stop. You will be eager to fall into her arms.
Paris is the city to fall in love with.

This is the prose works describing France, a small piece of French life in the woman named Saoshe’s eyes. That small piece of Paris’s emotion, their life and emotion, though from a small angle, still belong to the life of mine.

With a heart of reverence, I ran like the wind to Paris’ sceneries, but rushed into the ordinary life just like the boiling water came to a sudden peace. Never again with me is the hasty traveler’s worship.
Here, you will find her simple description of the French, Chinese .Even the sentiment of Paris can be reduced to its true appearance in life. There are always people who are wonderful in life and only a few descriptions will make us surprised.

Now, let’s step into her journal!

【Characteristics of the app】

Exquisite pictures
Beautiful music
Introduction of the Paris resorts
Latest interactive background composition

【Customer reviews】

The illustrations are pretty! With little refreshing words, it’s a perfect match. It’s quite an appropriate application for a person to enjoy a cup of coffee and the sunshine and music.
Paris has its unique flavor in her eyes, sometimes a little lazy, and sometimes quite luxurious. I think, it’s worthy trying to go there once, whether it’s good or not, after viewing the application.
I like the style of the author. I’ve been to Paris before, but never have I seen Paris like this. It is wonderful and a perfect application for petty drinking coffee.

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