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The little prince and his sheep

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The little prince on the far planet quarreled with pretty and proud rose and angrily left. In his roaming of all planets, he met with the arrogant king, the drunk, the profit-hungry businessman and the dogmatic geographer ……and finally he came to the earth, trying to find out the remedy for curing loneliness and pains. At that time, he met with a strange fox. Thus wonderful and amazing things began to happen……

“The little prince” is just like a bright mirror, reflecting the absurd adult world. He reminds us that only love is the richest philosophy and love is the only reason for us to live.

The plots are unique, chic and intricate. The translation version is very professional and lively. The multimedia reading experiences can make you deeply feel the great significance of passion for life.

“The little prince” was created by French writer, Antoine de Saint Exupéry. It uses pure and simple words as well as beautiful and visual pictures to tell readers a warm but a bit sad story. It is not only a fairy tale that belongs to kids, but also a story belongs to “the former kid who has grown up into adult”.

It will take us into a mysterious but fully innocent world. Here, we can weep and laugh with the little prince. We can also follow the steps of the writer to seek for the long-lost innocence and touching emotion……

【Characteristics of the app】

The best story in the world
Rhythmical music
Exquisite cartoons and pictures
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

There are only a handful of works in the world that can be so beautiful, marvelous and simple. It is profound and approachable. It has no slight trace of fabricating stories, just like a piece of naturally born glittering jade.
——Zhou Guoping
The imagination, wisdom and emotions that are deliberately pursued and shown in the book can offer readers of all age groups fun and benefits. In addition, new spiritual wealth can be found at any time.
——Yor Miller
“The Little Prince” made like this is quite fine and the pictures in it are very exquisite. It is especially suitable for kids. The words are also attractive, and just as they said, this is really a moving story.
——Traversing across Amazon

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