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An exploration space adventure game packed with micromanagement, strategy and action. Secretion uses multiple gameplay techniques, where you manage your home planet's ecosystem, create armies and loot other players. You do all that just to save the universe from plague while avoiding to get infected during your quest.

Loot planets with RTS space combat using your army to defeat opponent. Annihilate planetary defenses, land on planet at designated spot, fight your way to the obelisk, defend it, return back to shuttle, launch and defeat space patrol in aerial combat then finally return to transporter to complete mission.

Mine and manage resources on your planet to reinforce your armada, feed population and support industry. Trade resources in market and buy artifacts to gain additional bonuses.

Planets you visit are other player's planets, so be gentle with them, they can return the visit any time.

Loot other players planets:
-RTS space combat: control your army to defeat opponent
-Action: annihilate planetary defences
-Arcade: Land on planet at designated spot
-Shooter: fight your way to obelisk, defend it and return back to shuttle
-Space flight: defeat final defences and return to your transporter to bring back resources
-Micromanagement: mine resources on your planet to reinforce your armada. Manager resources for your population on your unique planet
-Market:Trade resources in market and buy artefacts to gain additional bonuses.
-Diplomacy: Establish friendly contacts with other players, send them reinforcements or resources or simply challenge them.
-Story: travel through sectors 42 to unveil compelling story and upgrade your hangar, excavator and detectors. Beautiful cut scenes, hand drawn by Rok Ivančič, will tell you the story that starts in parallel universe where Captain Starship left and as you explore sectors of the universe, story will unveil further.
-Save the universe from upcoming cataclysm of the plague

Please join us at and follow us on @SecretionGame or visit for additional info

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PLEASE NOTE: Do not try this game on anything less than iPhone 5s and 64 bit devices, it is graphically heavy in some parts and frame rate is just not suitable. I will try to address graphics performance issues in next versions but don't expect too much. (iPhone 5c is probably to slow also) This game requires persistent network connection.

Sometimes our servers go down for maintenance. Please be patient if you can't connect. Thanks for understanding.

If you are having problems or if you find any bugs, please report them to me and I will try to address them ASAP.

This is not a casual game. It will take time and patience to complete it. You can play and finish it without any in-app purchases, but if you like it, please support us and consider in-app purchase as a donation for further development.

Enjoy !