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beCloud - AES Wallet/Notes/Vault

iPhone / iPad
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beCloud is a complete solution for securing all sorts of sensitive data on your device and cloud. Whether that would be some photos and videos stored on the device, a presentation stored on your favourite cloud, a word document emailed to a co-worker, or the various passwords, notes, credit cards, pin codes that you need to access on-the-go. beCloud is your device & cloud security swiss-knife. We've got you covered everywhere!

Main Features:
- Strong 2-factor authentication with a AES-256 encryption.

- Built-in secure vault, secure wallet (password manager), and secure notes.

- Built-in cloud backup and sync of your secure wallet and notes.

- Access your wallet from any of your iPhone and iPad devices and more.

- Secure file sharing with friends with optional content expiration date.

- Seamless integration with virtually any 3rd party application for backup, sharing, or editing of any file in the secure vault.

Security Before Anything:

beCloud makes use of fool-proof encryption techniques.

- Use of AES 256-bit encryption, PBKDF2, and HMAC-SHA1.

- Protection through 2-factor authentication; a secret master-key shared among all your devices and a memorizable master-password of your choice.
 Lost your device? You don't have to worry! everything is still protected by your password.
   Someone stole your master-password? you don't have to worry either! Your cloud data is not accessible except from your own devices only.

- Stay in charge through on-the-fly regeneration of the master-key that immediately revokes access to all of your cloud data from any compromised devices.

- Change your master-password regularly without having to re-encrypt any of your files on the cloud.

- Access logs.

Never Lose Your Data:

beCloud provides a cloud-based secure wallet to protect all your sensitive data on-the-go. You never have to compromise again!

- Store securely your passwords, notes, accounts, credit cards, pin codes, bank information, membership cards, licenses, and more.

- Backup your secure wallet and notes to the cloud.

- Access the cloud-based secure wallet from any of your devices.

- Add or modify any of your secure wallet entries and the changes will be synchronized across all of your devices.

- Access your secure wallet offline whenever needed. Go back online later to sync.

Access & Share:
beCloud extends the secure vault beyond your device boundary and through all of your favourite clouds; iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.

- Share any file you have on your device or cloud securely with any friend.

- Set an optional content expiration date for files shared securely.
- Preview secure photos and videos right from inside the app.

- View and modify any file type that you have an application for installed; DOC, PDF, XLS, JPG, etc.

- Browse files on your device to easily add to your secure vault.

- Import/export files easily between your secure vault and any other 3rd party applications on your device; cloud storage, backup, email, messaging, etc.

- Per-App access authorization dialogs.

It's Easy As Ever:

- Organize your wallet into categories.

- One touch swipe view of passwords and pin codes.

- Quick search through your secure wallet.

- Use of predefined templates for your common secure wallet categories.

- Create your own custom categories.

- Smart offline transfer of master-key to your other devices through your device's camera.

The free version has no ads and is not time limited. Upgrade to premium to get:

- Cloud-Sync and restore.

- Secure file sharing.

- Unlimited wallet entries.

beCloud is available in English and Arabic language options.

Caution: we don't store copies of your master-key or password. Losing any of them means all of your encrypted data is lost irreversibly! It is always wise to keep offline backups of files you encrypt.