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Talkie Articulation

  • Education
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Tired of apps that allow you limited access to just one or two sounds?
Tired of apps that allow you limited access to just one game or a limited number of words?

Talkie is different.
At Talkie, we WANT you to see exactly what you get, before you buy it.

Take advantage of a special promotion that is geared toward allowing you, the clinician, FREE full use of ALL of Talkie’s features for a full two weeks!

Why provide two weeks free of the complete application?

...Because we realize that most clinicians see children once or twice a week, and we want you to be able to REALLY use the app, not just try it. Two free weeks allows you to use Talkie with different children of varied ages, abilities, language levels, and who can handle different phonetic complexities. Two free weeks allow you to use Talkie for different target sounds and sound combinations and with children who are in various stages in therapy. You’ll have the ability to add or remove blends and increase or reduce semantic level, syllable number, and phonetic difficulty. You can practice a whole group of sounds by selecting several target sounds that share a phonetic category (e.g., voicing, velar, fricatives) or address a type of error (e.g., backing).

…Because two free weeks of full use also allow you to make the most of the app’s clinical value by having parents and caregivers download the trial version to use at home. Parents can reinforce the specific skill level and sound selection that you choose according to the individual child’s needs at that session. When the two free weeks are up, parents can continue to work at home according to your instructions, by selectively downloading only the sounds that their child is working on (and for a fraction of the whole app’s cost).

…Because two free weeks allow you not only the opportunity to see how the app works the first time you use it, but also to check for progress and witness carryover and improvement from session to session.

And there’s more!

Not only do you get two free weeks to work with the full features of Talkie, but for a limited time, Talkie is available at a special promotional price of $36 (Usually $45—a savings of 20%)!

Hurry and take advantage of the trial period now, so you can enjoy the free trial and still have time to purchase Talkie for the promotional price!

Talkie is already highly successful in Israel, where it is available in Hebrew. Now Talkie is available in English, too!
Try it out and see for yourself how effective Talkie can be.