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Kimberly's Carnival

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Teachers are overwhelmed with having to compete with disruptive behaviors of students in the classroom. New laws have provided an increased pressure to get more lessons completed within each school year, so there is no time to lose for off-task behaviors. The development of “Kimberly’s Carnival” computer application is a positive classroom behavior management system that supports positive behaviors, motivation, and engagement of students while eliminating the need for attention through disruptive and negative behaviors.

Kimberly’s Carnival Directions

For detailed directions, please visit:

Assign each student a number by placing a magnetic number on the student’s desk. You can find numbered tickets to print for free here: .
The first two pages of the document are the golden tickets. They need to be printed on yellow paper and the additional pages can be printed on any color you choose.
As long as the student engages in positive school behaviors, they keep their number and are “in the game.” These behaviors are based upon the rules of your classroom. Children who exhibit negative school behaviors lose their number and are out of the game until they earn their number back by changing their behavior. The magnetic numbers support the idea that the teacher can take the number off of the desk when the student is not complying with the rules without having to interrupt class. The teacher would simply place the number on the board.

Golden Tickets:
Also, connected to the free document is the “golden ticket” and golden ticket certificate. The golden tickets need to be printed on yellow paper and have a magnet attached.The “golden ticket” magnet is for any student that you catch engaging in an extraordinary positive behavior. This ticket allows the student a guaranteed chance to go to the carnival and play a game at the end of the day. A student who receives the golden ticket magnet also receives a “golden ticket” certificate to share his success with his family.

Setting up the App:
To set up the app, click on the wrench on the front page. This will take you to a page where you can input your numbers to be seen on the wheel. So if you have 25 students, you would need to type in each number from 1 -25. Next you can put in the number of prizes the students can win.

How To Play
Intermittently throughout the day, the teacher will announce “Let’s go to the Carnival!” Playing the game sporadically throughout the day will promote positive behavior at all times. First, the teacher can spin a carnival wheel to find the “lucky winner” by clicking on the “Spin The Wheel” ticket on the front page. To spin the wheel, simply click on it. The student whose assigned number is spun gets to go to the carnival. If the student whose number is spun had their number placed on the board and they did not earn it back, the teacher spins the wheel again to find another winner. The winning student comes up to the IPAD and chooses which carnival game they would like to play. There are three carnival games to choose from; Balloon Harpoon (throw darts to pop balloons and win a prize), Lucky Ducky (a classic duck pond game) and Trash Can Catapult (attempt to catapult the fish bones into the trash can of your choice). After they play the game, a prize number will be presented to let the student know which prize or prize bin they won.

Golden Ticket
The “Golden Ticket” button on the application homepage is a straight shot to the game choices that bypasses the wheel spin. This is for the student who demonstrates an extraordinary positive behavior as previously described.

I hope that you enjoy Kimberly’s Carnival. Let’s make school fun again!