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Vivmall is a market place with virtual store fronts. One can do Window shopping, call for customer service using standard voice calls or visually augmented IVR calls, fill survey, provide feedback and/or subscribe to promotions which are received as a feed within the app. Consumer can also search for businesses.

App requires registration of the phone number. App gets bound to the phone number after SMS based validation.

App contains a pre-populated directory of businesses- current list and content is for illustration purposes. Plan is to sign-up one business at a time after the app is in the app store. For each business one can go to associated business page (called Vivpage) or make a call to the business - call can be regular call or visually augmented IVR call (a VIvcall). On business page a consumer can subscribe to the promotions from the business including subscription to promotional emails from the business. Additionally consumer can take a survey and provide feedback to the business. Each business gets a bulletin board to place promotions (referred to as Vivcards). Vivcards can be created by the business within the app by selecting (+) icon and deleted by swiping up-down. Vivcards can be forwarded to friends using the "post" icon. Act of forwarding a Vivcard is referred to as Vivpost. Vivpost can also be sent as an SMS or an email.
Sent Vivposts and subscription emails show up in the channel within app referred to as Vivfeed. Business search allows searching of any business. Each search provides up to seven results.

A business owner can provide reward point, or subtract reward point from a consumer. Consumer version of the app, when reward is selected, only shows a QR code, which presents his userID. if a business is owner of a vivpage then rewards button on that business has two screens- 1) a camera view for a business owner to capture the consumer's QR code, or 2) QR code for the business - allows for business owner to also have a consumer personality in the app. Once business and consumer association in done by capturing the QR code of the consumer, business owner would see current rewards points. Business owner can add or subtract from it as appropriate.