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Numeracy Warm Up - 2D Shapes

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2D Shapes - Captivating, Engaging and Motivating Kids and Adults Alike!

This innovative iPad app is ideal for all ages. The simple interface, beautiful graphics, and thorough step-by-step approach, will take your shape skills to the next level.

2D Shapes is perfect for students in Kindergarten through Grade 1, or for anyone wanting to improve their shape skills at this level. The focus is on step-by-step, careful skill building through experiencing success.


2D Shapes supports the following curriculum frameworks:
- USA - Kindergarten through Grade 1
- Canada - Grade 1 and 2
- UK - Years 1 to 2 (Key Stage 1) + Adult Learners Entry Level
- Australia - Foundation and Year 1


For Parents:
2D Shapes will help your child build their shape skills through practice and consolidation, boosting their confidence.

For Teachers:
2D Shapes teaches through finely graded differentiation, practice and consolidation. All students can experience success and build their confidence. 2D Shapes is focussed on the attainment of shape skills without time limits, so all students can proceed at their own rate, without undue pressure.


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