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This application is designed to assist with both some of the practical and religious elements associated with the 5th pillar of Islam, the pilgrimage- Hajj. Group details within this application are specific to the ASWJ Hajj group Australia, however other features assist all pilgrims.

The application provides a user friendly interface. It provides information on the following:

* Pillars of Umrah

* Ihram and the prohibitions

* Pillars of Hajj

* Conditions of an Accepted Hajj

* Hajj Rituals

** Mina

** Arafah

** Muzdalifah

** The Biggest Day of Hajj

** Jamarat and the Days of Stoning

* Masjid Quba

* Mount Uhud

* Masjid Qiblataian

* Cave Hira

* The Kaa’bah

* The Black Stone

The application also provides a summary of the most important Duas that you will utilise on the pilgrimage in both Arabic and English.

Group related information such as trip details, event, contacts and flight details are specifically related to the ASWJ Hajj Group Australia.