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FytFit - Boxing Fitness Trainer & Round Timer

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Health & Fitness
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Realistic boxing training to improve fitness, speed, strength and coordination.

Created by an ex-pro boxer, FytFit is a revolutionary new app that delivers a boxing-fitness workout. Inbuilt training sessions allow you to discover the full range of real boxing techniques, and practice expertly configured punch combinations in your own time. Exciting round-by-round training with FytFit will improve your stamina and fitness levels towards that of a pro fighter.

Where can I use FytFit?

As a mobile app used with personal earphones, FytFit provides an immersive train-anywhere fitness routine. Allowing you to shadowbox in front of your bedroom mirror, or make better use of a punchbag in the gym.

How does FytFit work?

Each unique punch type is allocated a number from 1 to 12. Audio coach commands working alongside an intuitive visual interface call out combinations that you can then follow by throwing punches like an experienced boxer. FytFit is a boxing-by-numbers system that will help you develop advanced skills and perfect your timing.

Progressive Training with FytFit:

The audio training sessions will gradually introduce newly learned punches, building up to a library of more advanced sessions that push the limits of your ability and fitness. Additional sessions can then be downloaded for users who wish to expand their FytFit experience or follow a particular boxing style through themed training routines.

The FytFit ‘12-Step Quick Guide to Boxing’:

An inclusive training guide will firstly teach you all the basic techniques you need to know to get started with FytFit, such as how to move, defend and correctly throw the different punches. Each tutorial will explain a range of different boxing skills and link to an instructional video.


- 18 inclusive FytFit training sessions containing over 2 hours of active boxing training, and a further 30 optional training sessions available at a nominal charge

- Training sessions covering three levels of difficulty, three styles of boxing and three different training themes

- On-screen ‘Punchmap’ visual display that synchronises with coach commands to identify punch targets

- ‘12-Step Quick Guide to Boxing’ illustrated tutorial library with supporting videos

- ‘Stance Switch’ feature that personally configures instructional text and Punchmap display for either right-handed (orthodox) or left-handed (southpaw) users

- Customisable round timer for freestyle boxing sessions, including a verbal round number announcement

- Calorie counter that calculates in-round activity and incorporates a personal profile to improve accuracy

- Calorie counter that adjusts to different boxing workouts, including shadowboxing, punchbag or sparring

- Personal training calendar to record progress and calorie burn

- Personal profile incorporating real boxer information such as professional weight class and reach measurement

- Sign-in using social network details for a quick start

- Award achievement system that can be shared through social networks

Please note: FytFit training sessions must be downloaded over a wireless internet connection following installation of the FytFit application. They are then stored for offline usage.