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Basketball 1on1

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
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Hello, we're the office of Basketball 1 on 1!
Thank you so much for choosing this out of all the other apps!
We guess you love basketball just like us, and you're enjoying to play it.

By the way, how are your 1on1 results going recently?
If you…

want to test your skills with a new opponent

want to check your moves with a video, and improve your skill

want to motivate yourself by recording your daily scores

this app "Basketball 1on1" will surely make your basketball life more exciting.

This app records the results (scores/videos) of real 1on1 matches, and calculate your world ranking!

Yes! This app connects you to basketball friends all over the world!!

It's very easy to join.

Step 1
Download this app "Basketball 1on1", and register as a player.

Step 2
Search an opponent to play with. Of course, it's OK with your regular basketball friends.
(You can also send a match request using the search function.)

Step 3
Select the match type.
>Official Match: Send the score and video from your smartphone.
>Practice Match: Send the score from your smartphone.

Step 4
Bring your smartphones near, shake them to certificate each other, and verify identities.

>Official Match: Set your smartphones to record videos.
>Practice Match: You don't record videos so you don't have to set your smartphone.

Now start your 1on1 match!

Step 5
Input the match results (score/comment to your opponent/your opponent's manner).

Step 6
Bring your smartphones near again, shake them to certificate each other, and check that your scores are the same.

>Official Match: Send the 1on1 results (scores / videos) from your smartphone.
>Practice Match: Send 1on1 results (just the scores) from your smartphone.

Step 7
Your match results will be calculated with the players all over the world, and from the app and official website ( you can check the rankings in categories and areas.

Step 8
"Monthly ranking will be announced at the end of every month.
High rankers (1st place to 3rd place) in each category can receive prizes (avatar points)."

Step 9
"The annual ranking will be announced at the end of every year.
High rankers (1st place to 3rd place) in each category can receive prizes (avatar points).
Moreover, the best player can receive prize money (100,000 JPY)."

Sound nice?

"In this app, your 1on1 scores are recorded and applied in the world ranking.
It's a great chance to get your skills improved, and get higher motivation in your daily practice."

Using the search function, you can find other players around your location with close skills, and send requests for 1on1 matches.

Through this app, you can make more and more friends to play basketball!

So go ahead and join us now!

Let's enjoy 1on1 together!