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Balancing Act

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Action
  • Adventure
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Survival at 70 stories is measured in seconds in Balancing Act.

Do not play this game if you have a fear of heights.
Do not play this game if you have a fear of falling.

Touch on right to run right, Touch on left to run left
Swipe on right to jump right, Swipe on right to jump right

This game could be hazardous to your health if you have anxiety about the effects of gravity on a 3D animated construction worker stranded on the tallest skyscraper in Vancouver, BC.
This game could be hazardous to you if you have a fear of teetering on the brink of death or balancing on an unstable iron beam.
If you fear braving the elements through snow storms or rain storms, please pass on this game.
If you fear being zapped by killer lightning balls of death at night in a viscous rain storm, do not play this game.
If you fear being frozen by giant killer snow balls in a howling snowstorm in broad daylight, do not play this game.
Surviving in Balancing Act requires skill, will and endurance. If you are not up to the challenge, please move along.

If you prefer games about starry eyed ponies, cards featuring magical creatures, candy falling from the sky for no reason or living vicariously through the lives of celebrity figures, you will not enjoy this game.

- Free to Play except where we hope you will pay $.99 to turn off the annoying ads.
- Instant pick up and play until you throw your phone or tablet against the wall in frustration.
- Leaderboards so you can suffer the indignity of knowing the worthlessness of your efforts.
- Achievements because everyone deserves recognition.
- Twitter and Facebook integration so you can taunt your friends and enemies or join the national conversation on some other topic.
- Real day and night cycle except faster than real life because, duh, it's a game.
- Real time weather except it's more frequent because clear skies are boring.
- A lifelike fully generated 3D rendition of Vancouver, British Columbia except you are stuck on the top of a skyscraper fighting for your life and therefore unable to enjoy the sights throughout the city, kind of like being at a business meeting.
- Falling to your death over and over and over with cool grunting sounds of pain.