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Didn't you have that discussion with your colleague in front of the whiteboard and everything you discussed was drawn on the board? You wanted to save that information so you took a picture. And the month after it is lost amongst your 1,999 other photos. MemoryBuddy offers you the option of specifying meaningful keywords, adding additional text and optionally taking a picture and saving it, or selecting an existing one. And a month later you just search all the records you created by specifying one or two search words and you will find the information that reflects the discussion with your colleague.

Didn't you meet this guy the other day whose name you could not remember? You know that you were at high school together but his name.... Wish you had taken some notes and a picture with MemoryBuddy. Specify your search argument like "school friends" and there you'll find your old school mate.

Of course you can store your favourite recipes in MemoryBuddy. Just type a few keywords like 'recipe moms favourite Chinese food' in the key field, copy the recipe in the detail field, make a picture of the result of your cooking activities and there you go. But you can also take a picture of your favourite restaurant of course ;-)

MemoryBuddy allows you creating and modifying keyed information and photos, and save all that. And most importantly, it provides a powerful search function helping you easily finding back all you wanted to remember.