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Orbital Vendicator

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Arcade
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Control a defense satellite in orbit around Earth. Redirect Earth-based lasers to defend against incoming UFOs.

Orbital Vendicator is a retro arcade gallery shooter using vector-style graphics.


• Press the START button to begin play.
• The hexagonal icon in the center of the screen represents a defense satellite in orbit around Earth. Use touch and drag gestures to move the satellite icon.
• Position the satellite icon so that incoming UFOs are in its crosshairs. When a UFO is in the satellite crosshairs, red lasers will fire from Earth-based emitters, destroying the UFO.
• Avoid yellow beams and white circular explosions generated by UFOs. They weaken your satellite shields and will eventually destroy the satellite.
• When the satellite is hit by UFO weapons, an alarm will sound, and the satellite shield strength will be reduced. Satellite shield strength is indicated by by the band around the satellite icon. The band is initially green and completely surrounds the satellite, but as shield strength weakens, the size of the band will be reduced and its color will change to yellow then red. When the band is completely gone, so are your shields. The satellite will be destroyed, and it’s GAME OVER.