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Easy Day Marine Corps Edition

iPhone / iPad
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**Why this App? Simply because you will not find ANYTHING TO COME CLOSE Guaranteed**

100% refund if you feel this was a waste of your time and money email:


Easy Day! Marines, Poolees, Parents and Applicants Now you can STOP PAYING for other apps with little information and just when you think you found it you're disappointed because the information you just paid for was wrong and limited to information you could find online.The Easy Day Marine Corps App is a convent pocket reference with 34 options for your everyday use. It’s well organized and full of things that you will not get tired of. This app is designed to cover everyone's needs. From applicants that are looking into the military or anyone in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), Parents of applicants or Poolees, and Marines.

You are getting the following:

Processing Information- Entire Process from talking to a recruiter, filling out documents, MEPS, Recruit training, MCT with schedule, MOS School and Fleet Marine Force units

Welcome Aboard- Your Welcome Aboard Book is now electronic and you don't worry about losing it and you can download it and save to your phone

Workout Tips- everything you will need to help you get ready for recruit training

Parents Resources- All the information you will need as a parent and the support you need just in case your loved one tries to hold information you have it at your finger tips from support groups to hotel reservations

Professional Reading- "17 year old body with a 5000 year old mind" Understand and learn things from Leadership to History by reading the book of the month. FREE DOWNLOAD AND SAVE IT TO YOUR PHONE FOR LATER

Enlistment Eligibility- find out if you’re qualified

Leadership 101 - Learn the creeds of the Marine Corps as well as the Poolee Creed

Notable Marines- knowing the historical and famous Marines that have paved the way for our future

Veterans Affairs (VA)- Quick access to resources for any situation

Running Cadence- Hours of marching and running Cadences

Officer information- Everything about the Officer Programs

Knowledge Jeopardy- Study your knowledge by having a competition to learn

Cutting Score- NCO’S find out if you MADE THE CUT

Training Matrix-Weekly breakdown of recruit training/ downloadable training Matrix for you to review

Military OneSource-Quick access to resources

Medal of Honor-Navigate through history and read citations of Marines and other service Members that has received the MOH

General Orders- Study your Generals Orders and Ranks

MCMAP- Entire martial arts program videos and books from Tan-Black Belt

Recruit Address- Address format for Recruit training East & West Coast

MOS/Roadmaps: Basic information and description of MOS / ROADMAPS UPON REQUEST

Ask a Marine- Videos of questions and answers to actual questions by Active Marines

Free Movies- Watch Movies for Free. Enough Said

Marine Orders- Electronic Orders for all branches

Navy Marine Relief- Support if you ever need assistance with Money or emergency situations

Devotion-Spiritual uplift and Food for Thought

Contact info- Contact a Recruiter near you. Phone numbers and addresses by state

Military Times Newspapers- Stay updated with current events in all branches

Challenge Coin Drawing- Submit and earn the coin to show off to your friends


Jobs 4 Vets- Search for jobs if you are in need from the top Military job search supportive sites

Weapons- Explore all weapons and how it works

Cool Items-Purchase item for yourself or Marine

JROTC Info-Navy and Marine JROTC handbooks for instructors and students and parents

KEY TOOLS- All of the pay calculators and PFT/CFT Calculators and more

The most unique thing you have is a OPEN Email link to me for any question from parents to Marines that need Help or vent in any way!