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Writing Skills [HD]

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Good writing skills are essential for effective communication. The better your writing skills are, the better the impression you'll make on the people around you.

This is a beginners guide to the writing process and covers Types of writing, synonyms/antonyms, similes/metaphors, capitalization, punctuation and much more.

The hard copy version of this guide is used by academics, writers, and teachers across the world and is one of the most comprehensive and concise reference guides available on this topic.

Get your copy now and learn to write like a pro!

** Note **
This is NOT a game, but rather a reference guide to assist you in learning the fundamentals of professional writing.


• Types of Writing
• Descriptive Writing
• Descriptive Writing: Examples
• Narrative Writing
• Narrative Writing: Examples
• Explanatory (Expository) Writing
• Explanatory (Expository) Writing: Examples
• Persuasive (Analytical) Writing
• Persuasive (Analytical) Writing: Examples

• Writing Process
• Writing Process: Prewriting
• Writing Process: Prewriting: Brainstorm
• Writing Process: Prewriting: Organize
• Writing Process: Prewriting: Outline
• Writing Process: First Draft
• Writing Process: Revise
• Writing Process: Publishing

• Paragraphs
• Paragraphs: Topic Sentence

• Sentences
• Sentences: Complete Sentence
• Sentence: Does it Make Sense?

• Declarative Sentence
• Declarative Sentence: Word Sequence

• Interrogative Sentence
• Interrogative Sentence: Word Sequence

• Exclamatory Sentence
• Exclamatory Sentence: Word Sequence

• Imperative Sentence
• Imperative Sentence: Word Sequence

• Subject/Verb Agreement
• Subject/Verb Agreement: Singular Subject
• Subject/Verb Agreement: Plural Subject
• Subject/Verb Agreement: Compound Subjects

• Choosing the Right Word
• Synonyms
• Antonyms
• Similes
• Metaphors

• Negatives
• Negatives: Contractions
• Unnecessary Words

• Capitalization
• Capitalization: First Word
• Capitalization: Proper Nouns
• Capitalization: I
• Capitalization: Names of Relatives
• Capitalization: Titles of Respect
• Capitalization: Nationalities
• Capitalization: Abbreviations
• Capitalization: Titles of Books, etc.

• End Punctuation
• End Punctuation: Period
• End Punctuation: Question Mark
• End Punctuation: Exclamation Point

• Comma
• Comma: Series of Words
• Comma: Quotation
• Comma: City and State
• Comma: Day and Year
• Comma: Yes and No
• Comma: Name of Person
• Comma: Parts of a Compound Sentence

• Quotation Marks
• Quotation Marks: Person Speaking
• Quotation Marks: Title of Song, etc.

• Apostrophe
• Apostrophe: Singular Nouns
• Apostrophe: Plural Nouns
• Apostrophe: Contraction

• Word Choice
• Word Choice: am, is, are
• Word Choice: was, were
• Word Choice: has, have
• Word Choice: doesn't, don't
• Word Choice: wasn't, weren't
• Word Choice: run, ran
• Word Choice: done, did
• Word Choice: seen, saw
• Word Choice: come, came
• Word Choice: given, gave
• Word Choice: eaten, ate
• Word Choice: gone, went
• Word Choice: taken, took
• Word Choice: brought
• Word Choice: sit, set
• Word Choice: lie, lay
• Word Choice: I, me
• Word Choice: a, an

• Content Checklist
• Grammar Checklist
• Punctuation Checklist
• Word Choice Checklist

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