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Leadership Fundamentals

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Leadership Fundamentals is an invaluable, media-rich tool for business people, entrepreneurs, senior and mid-level managers, front line managers, team leaders and supervisors.

Day to day, leaders have to deal with different situations and with people who will have different levels of skills and commitment. Effective leaders achieve success by developing their people and supporting their levels of commitment.

By increasing your leadership capability you will be able to develop and motivate your people, creating a climate where people feel engaged, want to give of their best and contribute to your business goals and objectives.

Creating a great place to work where people feel capable and committed doesn’t just result in outstanding performance, it leads to business success. Getting the fundamentals of leadership right is a key requirement for anyone who has to manage other people in implementing a strategy, achieving a goal or undertaking a task.

This program, brought to life by In-Sight InteractiveTM, places the learner squarely at the center of the action. Rather than passively watching a linear drama, learners can be part of the action; making leadership decisions and seeing the consequences of the choices they make. Now, for the first time, learners are able to develop their observational skills, react to real-situation case studies, and proactively engage with the learning content.

The program is flexible and can be used in a variety of situations, it can be used by a single viewer as a self-study program or by a trainer facilitating a course on leadership.

Key Features Include:

-Extensive, drama-based video case studies. Watch leadership situations and choose what you would do, see the consequences of your actions as the stories develop in different ways depending on your choices.
-Primary leadership models and leadership concepts videos and graphics sequences. Detailed explanations of different leadership styles.
-Tests to track your learning and progress.
-Powerful resources including Self Assessments, a Workbook to support your study and a Personal Development Planner to help apply your learning in your work-place, business and career.
-Practically applicable, best practice learning content developed by subject matter experts.
-Flexibility: work through the learning on your own or blend elements into other courses.
-A program that promotes learning and immediate application delivered in a creative and accessible way.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

-Define a specific task
Diagnose both the competence and the commitment of a team member for a given task
-Describe a range of leadership approaches
-Choose the most appropriate leadership style in any given situation

This app is built for iOS 7+, a Wi-Fi connection is required to stream video content.