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This CRM tool takes 30 seconds to set up and let’s face it, as sales rep, Realtor or any other sales position, one of the most important ways to generate sales is to make sure you stay in contact with your clients, customer, prospects, sphere of influence etc.. Call My Contacts is a simple and easy to use CRM system that’s sole function is to remind you to make your sales calls, schedule follow up and add notes to your contacts. While most CRM systems are expensive and complicated to use, Call My Contacts uses only the most important functions of a CRM system and brings it to you at an affordable price. All you need to do open the app and pick from a few simple options. After the quick and easy setup, Call My Contacts will send you reminders on your phone to let you know which contacts you need to call that day. It is just that easy. Along with these features, is also also gives you the ability to export your contact log to a .csv file to use in Excel or Numbers. Try Call My Contacts and see how easy it is to use and how much it will help you prospect for new business. To further customize this app, please visit our website for a short video.