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"With iTronix my workshop is always with me" my workshop in my hand

iTronix is the latest in home Montronix!

An innovative tool using the most modern technology allows you to have two products in a 'unique solution:

- Wireless monitoring of the production of the latest generation devices (Smartphone, Tablet, PC) - the best device on the market to protect against collisions.

iTronix fact allows to collect the significant data of the production and of the efficiency of the machines, and uses a triaxial sensor for the measurement of the mechanical vibration to detect the actual contact time of tool-workpiece.

The same sensor, already installed in many engineering companies with great customer satisfaction, thanks to an accurate measurement of the vibrations of the machine tool, allows you to extend the operational life, protecting it from accidental bumps during setup or by collisions during the actual production phase.

The sensor also provides a function of black box; on an inviolable memory stores the most significant events with date and time, making it possible to know with certainty what happened to the machines.

The combination of the two products combined with the ability to provide continuous updates on the status and issues for each machine tool, with personalized messages, make it a unique product at a price that pays for itself in less than a few months.
In addition, iTronix becomes the means to increase its production by identifying bottlenecks. If you want to improve production by lowering its cost, we must start from here!

Know and protect the status of your machines has never been so easy and so convenient.

The system is universal and can interface directly with any type of machine production plant, with or without numerical control data through the use of ICT, are made available both on server and on your mobile device, through a 'application software that allows remote access via the modern smartphone

i-Tronix is the most modern solution for your smartphone to see which machines are working, which are firm, and how, through a series of personalized messages, for what reason.
E 'can be informed about the number of pieces produced, the efficiency of the machine, or the cycle time per shift, per day, per week, month and year.

Make your machines to work safely! Get away from your shop without anxiety: now you can take it with you!

You will produce no worries whatsoever because in case of collisions will be protected by the sensors Montronix and you can receive even remotely continuous updates on your production; if you want, in the event of problems, you'll be back at the factory promptly, resolve the problem and restore the production process.
In practice, the machines will be able to work unsupervised, during the evening shift or shifts ghost, on weekends, until the completion of the workpiece in the case of long processes typical of mold makers or until the conclusion of the lot in the case of mass production.