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Wireless Hi-Res Player ~Stellanova~

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Entertainment
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Wireless Hi-Res Player ~Stellanova~ is the music player app allows you to playback the various audio coding formats and the Hi-Res audio such as DSD in your local library. New features: enable to search the favorite songs "Auto Play"(2 mode) and display the recommended songs from the playing songs "Recommend Play". And connect with the audio system "Stellanova", you can playback the Hi-Res audio in the mass storage and the audio CD with wirelessly. ◆Supports the various audio coding formats including Hi-Res audio. It ability to playback Hi-Res audio such as DSD5.6MHz and 192kHz/24bit as well as the compressed audio such as AAC and MP3 on iPhone/iPad. DSD(2.8/5.6MHz)、WAV,AIFF,ALAC,FLAC(~192kHz/24bit)、AAC, MP3(~320kbps) ※To enable the player Hi-Res audio playback function, purchase and connect a Pioneer USB DAC APS-DA101, or via in-app purchase a Hi-Res playback function. Once you connect iPhone/iPad with APS-DA101, it enable to use the Hi-Res audio playback function for a 60-day without the USB DAC connection. Note; The output sound quality will be down sampled depends on the output devices (output via the iPhone/iPad headphone connection is down sampled to 48kHz.). ◆Search your favorite songs "Auto Play". "Search mode": Playback the song's chorus 10seconds and skipping to the next song's chorus by detecting the each song with our original database. "Medley mode": Playback the song's first verse and skipping to the next song's verse that is playing like a medley song by detecting the each song with our original database. Either mode can playback the whole song by tapping "Full" buttom. ◆Display the recommended songs from the playing song "Recommend Play". Display 20 songs from playing song7s type by grouping songs in the iPhone/iPad library into five types as Fun, Upbeat, Quiet, Sad and Healing. Once you tap the song from the display, the displayed songs will be saved to a playlist "New recommended list". You can choose the songs from the categorized type song list in the playlist tab. ◆Internet search of related playing song information. When playing the music, the internet link button enable to search the related music information select from Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and Twitter. ◆Features ・Playback the iTunes songs. ・21 equalizer presets(DSD unsupported). ・Shuffle play/Repeat play. ・User playlist. ・Edit the song's title/album title/artist/album jacket picture ・Visualizer moves up to the playing music. ・Sleep timer ・Bluetooth output ・Airplay ◆Since we have released this app in Dec.2014, we updated it every couple of months. We will keep updating this app so that you can more enjoy it in the future. For details, see the update information. ◆Enjoy more good sound with Pioneer audio system "Stellanova". With "Stellanova", you can enjoy more high quality sound. To playback Hi-Rez songs is free. Ability to playback from 192kHz/24bit Hi-Rez to DSD(DoP/Native) sound without compression. With Stellanova higher model(APS-201), you can playback uncompressed Hi-Rez songs wirelessly. Connect with HDD and ODD, you can use all below functions. A Pioneer APS-WF02 enable to connect the Hi-Res audio output without the Camera kit connection. ・Playback Hi-Rez songs such as DSD5.6MHz wirelessly. ・Playback and Import CD, Pure Read function enabled (Pioneer ODD connection required). ・Import CD formats WAV/AAC(64~320kbps), ALAC( (Pioneer ODD connection required).). ・You can control your iPhone/iPad library files via wireless connection.(HDD format FAT32) ・Ripping audio CD direct import to HDD and USB memory. ・Ability to initialize HDD to FAT32 format. ・Easy switch Wi-Fi band 2.4GHz and 5GHz in AP mode. ◆Supported products(As of July, 2015) ・Stellanova  APS-WF02J series、APS-DA101J series  Home Page( ・Wireless Drive BDR-WFS05J  Home Page( ・Wireless Dock APS-WF01J  Home Page(