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Thin and Beautify Your Face

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Are you still staying at the stage of showing the S figure while you yell out for loosing weight every day? It is old-fashioned! Loosing weight not just means that the perfect body curve, but also means little pretty face and smooth and shiny skin!

Teach You How to Loose Weight, Thin Your Face and Protect Your Skin gives the diet method with five elements and blood types while it combines the Chinese traditional theory of yin-yang and five elements. At the same time, the loosing weight can be in good effect by the method of enhancing qi-circulation and combining scientific diet and exercises. Moreover, the facial maintenance can be achieved in the process of loosing weight. The goal that makes your skin more tight, elastic and firm as well as thin your face can be attained by methods such as facial yoga that imitates animal expressions and yoga with pressing of fingers. It is a set of unique application in loosing weight that adopts both loosing weight and beauty treatment.

The perfect body figure, the mellow and flawless skin and the pie face into small face? All of these wishes can be realized. Now it is just the great time for your action!

【Characteristics of the app】

Coverage of both weight loss and skin care
Dozens of animations
Dozens of exquisite simple pictures
Latest interactive background composing

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