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Mathlingz Decimal System 1 - Educational Math Game for Kids

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Are you ready for an exciting adventure with Mathlingz – friendly creatures living in a land of mathematics? Forget about boredom and discover how fascinating math can be!

Mathlingz Decimal System 1 offers 15 math activities for children aged 8–11, facilitating numeracy skills practice. The app is easy to navigate and it is child-friendly. All activities have been designed to educate and entertain at the same time. The content was compiled by editors of award-winning mathematics textbook series with over 20 years of experience in educational publishing.



Mathlingz is efficient, because children:
• learn and have fun
• develop math skills in particular learning areas
• train memory and logical thinking
• solve activities that put emphasis on the practical use of math in everyday situations
• play mini games that have a strong focus on reasoning and problem-solving
• stay constantly engaged, because the examples are different at each attempt


Mathlingz is entertaining, because it:
• contains high-quality and very child-friendly design with lots of intriguing and funny characters
• has various stories for the different activities
• shows funny surprising animations after correct answers

Learning areas of Mathlingz Decimal System 1:
• number line
• multiples of numbers on a number line
• numbers up to 1000 - less than, greater than, equal
• numbers up to 10 000 - less than, greater than
• ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, unit digits
• multiplying by units, tens, hundreds, thousands and adding
• ordering numbers up to 10 000 000
• reading and writing big numbers (thousand, million, billion)