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Fit Calc: Fitness calculator to help you with full body analysis

iPhone / iPad
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Note: Free version has only sample calculators, but with app purchase you can get +28 additional calculators.

If you found this app, chances are you want to change your health habits and reach your ideal weight. But any sort of fitness goal is difficult to meet without a baseline or some way to track your daily caloric intake and expenditure. Trying to figure that out without a tracking utility is like trying to know the speed you're driving while covering the speedometer -- you're just guessing.

Through this suite of calculators, you will have an array of tools that can help you get a better picture of what you are actually putting into your body each day, and what you have to do to get the results you want.

In addition, we provide other tools to calculate age, caloric burn and several other health-related activities.

Stay motivated and start today!
It’s time to take your fitness tracking to the next level.

Quick Overview:
- Multiple fitness calculators to track your goals and milestones.
- Learn your current BMI, base metabolic rate and learn your target heart rate.
- Figure out your ideal weight based on your frame size.
- Calculate your daily caloric intake and expenditure.
- Find out how hard you really worked out.

-Body Mass Index Calculator
-Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
-Body Frame Calculator (Wrist)
-Full Body Analysis Calculator
-Body Frame Calculator (Elbow)
-Ideal Weight Calculator
-Cost of Smoking Calculator
-Medication Cost Calculator
-Age date calculator
-Find Age on Any Given Date
-How Many Days until my next birthday?

-Body Fat Calculator
-4 Skinfold Calculator
-Calorie Composition Calculator
-Full Body Analysis Calculator
-Body Fat (YMCA) Calculator
-Body Fat (3 Skinfolds) Calculator
-Body Fat (7 Skinfolds) Calculator
-Lean Body Mass Calculator
-Resting Heart Rate Average Calculator

-Target Heart Rate Calculator
-Karvonen Target Heart Rate
-Resting Heart Rate Average
-Full Body Analysis Calculator
-Exercise Calories
-Increased Life Expectancy
-Conversion Pace and Speed
-Find Speed And Pace
-Find Duration Calculator
-Find Distance Calculator

-Calories per Day Calculator
-Advanced Resting Metabolism
-Calories Absorbed By Fiber
-Ideal Weight Calculator
-Calories Burned Today
-Simple Resting Metabolism
-Lean Mass Resting Metabolism
-Frame Size (Elbow) Calculator
-Frame Size (Wrist) Calculator
-Full Body Analysis Calculator