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Arabian Ali: The Magic Carpet

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Adventure
  • Family
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Join Ali on his lavish flying carpet and go for a fun ride in a exotic scenery !
The Magic Carpet brings to life scenery straight from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights and good times are guaranteed! Find the magic lamp, collect rubies, all while sitting comfortably on your wonder carpet!

=Game Features=
- Beautiful graphics
- Easy gameplay
- Cool music and sound effect
- Special power ups

How to play:
Come on Ali, get on that magic carpet and start flying! You have to keep pressing the screen, otherwise you’ll lose height, crash and die - and we know you don’t want that!

Your goal in this game is to collect as many gems as possible. Remember, asking a princess’s hand in marriage means you must be able to impress her father, so get all the gems, because that’s the only way you can marry the princess!

But beware! There are dangers lurking in every corner and swords will be flying at you, trying to kill you! And the dangers don’t end here: you’ll encounter maces in your way, big and small, but equally dangerous! If you get hit by any of those, it’s game over for you, buddy.

Your wonder carpet can’t protect you from swords & maces, but the genie can. His your protector! Every time you collect a genie token, you can rest assured you’ll be safe from any danger for a period of time. The token will turn into blue sparks that will surround you and the magic carpet and it will keep you safe from any potential threat- now, doesn’t it make you feel like a sheik?!

You’ll encounter along the way green lamps- make sure you collect those too!
They’re power ups that give you super-speed and you’ll be able to go through anything. No more avoiding swords, you can literally go through them! There’s a yellow lamp too: this power up is for Ali’s darker side: it destroys everything in its way, clearing a path for you!
The coolest power up though is the crystal globe – the rubies will come to you like draw to a magnet!
On your way, don’t ignore the hearts - you’ll need as many lives as possible, because with every level the carpet rush is getting more and more dangerous!