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Recommendi - Customer Feedback Kiosk

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Improve your business in 2 minutes

Life is too short to fuss around with your surveying system. That’s why we created Recommendi, the fastest and easiest way to improve your business and Customer Experience. Recommendi’s iOS app utilizes the standard Net Promoter Score® system with one question a comment box and tagging so you can start receive your first feedback in an indistry standard way.

Recommendi features:

Pre-prepared survey pages for desktop and mobile browsers
Customizable templates
Score tracking
Downloadable spreadsheet with comments
Can be used anywhere, really anywhere.
Recommendi offers FREE Accounts Forever.
How Recommendi helps you improve

We contact your customers and provide real customer written feedback to give you a better understanding about what they like about your business. Recommendi then determines a single score based on the Net Promoter Score and use that to show how you are improving.

The Net Promoter Score is the leading method of understanding customer loyalty. It’s an easy to understand metric that is used in many of the Fortune 500 companies. It has been out of the reach of small companies – until now.