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The Animator's Modeler

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An Art Team in Your Pocket.

The Animator’s Modeler combines all the steps required to create original cinema quality 3D character models in a single, easy to use app, allowing you to create characters for any animation project, big or small. Simply touch the character model to edit virtually every aspect of your character: body shape, facial features, clothing, accessories and much more. In-app preview animations allow you to test each model in action before you export the fully-rigged, production ready model to use in any animation program.

Typically, animators are dependent on other artists to deliver models before they can start animating characters; TAM removes this roadblock.
- Create an unlimited cast of characters in-app using our unique Appeal Tech technology.

As you edit your character on the x and y axis Appeal Tech automatically adjusts the z axis for you. This allows you to maintain your character’s shape and volume quickly and easily.
- 9 in-app animations allow you to preview your completed characters and see exactly how your character will move before committing to exporting it. Test your character running, stretching, and jumping, along with many more movements, before you export your final character.

- You can personalize and adjust all the clothing and accessories including hairstyles, jewelry, clothing, and much more. The large library of accessories gives you well over 55 million possible combinations to create an endless cast of unique characters.

- The live view port allows you to orbit, zoom, and pan around your character as you edit.

2 exports are included with your initial purchase of the app and additional exports are available to purchase in-app. Every character you export will be emailed to you in 3 file formats: .OBJ, .FBX, and .MA files.

Download The Animator’s Modeler now to start creating your own cast of characters.

The Animator’s Modeler supports iPad Air and higher.

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