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The Change

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The Change – Don’t worry, it will pass.
Women all over the world endure the menopause in silence. At work or in social situations menopausal symptoms could mean a major social disability. Most women don’t even share their problems with their closest friends.

But you are not alone going through "The Change".
This knowledge base about the menopause features interviews with women from different cultures, and their experiences. Through their stories you’ll find support, woman-to woman advice, comfort and understanding as well as advice and facts from professional experts.
Want to help other women by telling your story and get your own chapter in the book? Then you are welcome to contact the authors through the app and schedule an interview.

"Talking about the change helps. We see that sharing experiences bring women together. We find support that helps us cope with symptoms and reassurance that the menopause will pass. To experience the menopause in a society that embrace youth can be tough. But aging also means benefits. Look beyond the commercial message of constant rejuvenation. We want to help women enjoy their life, at any age. " sais Malin Clausson (Journalist, author and initiator of The Change)

"Many women who have participated in our book have experienced similar common symptoms such as hot flashes. Their tips on how to cope with the problems are really helpful. There are a lot of things in this book every woman should know, and prepare their daughters for. The Change is inevitable for women, yet we do not speak of it. "says Katharina Johansson. (Web editor and initiator)

"To have been portraying these amazing women and share their stories has for me personally been a very rewarding experience" says Lisa Thanner. (Photographer and initiator)