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Learn To Be A Successful Investor

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The world millionaire can be created like this and the big deal can be done like this too.
Stocks, funds and bonds……
Learn investment, grasp the opportunity, wait patiently and create the largest profit with the smallest cost!

Yang Zijun, the investment expert, brings us with the respectively different value investment ideas, styles and investment strategies from world-class value investment maters. He tells about their quotes on value investment and lets us unconsciously have the smartness and acute analytical ability of investment masters in his lively and vivid stories. We should apply what we have learned from these stories and melt these ideas into our own investment practices!

Follow Warren Buffet, the “god of stocks” to learn three don’t in investment!
Play with finance with George Soros!

Just watch Benjamin Graham, “Godfather of Wall Street”, how to turn stocks and bonds in the palm of his hands!

Along with Peter Lynch, the wealth gathering giant in the stocks market in Wall Street, change investment into a kind of art!

Play with investment, finance, security, funds and the whole world!
Don’t blame and complain about anything due to lack of money;
Don’t shrink back from investment due to risk!

The poor guy can also make big money and the little common people can possess the investment spring too!
Open the application book and the richest person in the world is close to you at hand. All sorts of secrets for success can be in the sight of your eyes. So why are you still waiting? Just follow the steps of investment masters and learn to be big boss!

【Characteristics of the app】

17 investigating stories of Wall Street
Full of courage and intelligence
Latest interactive reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I can know the successful investment stories of all investment masters from this book. Their investment experiences are too wonderful and too touching. I need action now!
It is the collection of ideas of all masters and it is worth reading. It is very inspiring and full of truth. However, it is difficult to implement them.
There are a variety of investment concepts and investment styles. We should digest, understand and master them thoroughly. Try our best to find the most suitable investment method for ourselves.
——The Gawker

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