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Beloved Bespoke iPad

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What is the Beloved Bespoke Augmented Reality App?

The Beloved Bespoke AR App uses stunningly flexible 3D design and Augmented Reality (AR) to allow users to design fully bespoke wedding rings, engagment rings and eternity rings in realtime/space (using the design studio andprinted Target provided), in addition to providing detailed information to help inform the users design choices.

You can use your mobile device to view the rings you have designed from any angle, as it appears on screen and save or share your ring designs for future reference.

Augmented reality works by using a mobile device to display any product onscreen as if it is really there, right in front of your 3D animation - try it and you'll be amazed!
You can move the mobile device at any angle and the 3D simulated product will stay in relation to space around you in real-time as long as the printed marker is constantly in view.

What Apple device do I need?
The App can be loaded installed from Appstore on iPad 2 or newer.

What easy steps do I need to do before I can view the amazing Beloved Bespoke Augmented Reality?

Step 1 Print the image of the Marker (This is important as you will need the image printed and placed on the desk/table in front of you)
Why? The printed image is called a marker or target and will be the 'stage' to allow the 3D objects to magically appearon your hand. Without the target the APP will not function in AR mode but work as normal in 3D mode.

Link address to download PDF of marker:

Install the APP:

Step 2 Install the APP - This will take a few minutes dependent on connection speed

Step 3 Once the APP is installed - run the App

Step 4 Once open simply position your mobile device or tablet so that the printed marker fills the screen and place your hand on the marker as indicated. The ring you have designed will appear as if being worn on your hand!

You can interact with the engaging 3D animation by using the 360 spin arrow function and follow the logical steps layed out in the APP menus to design the various features of your wedding, engagement or eternity ring.

Using pinch zoom in and out or you can spin the 3D model around and at each stage of the design process you can simply press the ‘i’ button to read a full description of the options available at that stage in the design.

Step 6: Once viewed, you can directly link through to the Beloved Bespoke website to purchase your bespoke design, or why not visit the Beloved Bespoke website to find out much more information about our products and read our detailed buyers guides. Simply follow this link:

Step 7: Updates - As part of a continual development programme Beloved Bespoke will from time to time improve and update Apps at any point in the future without prior written notice will forward regular updates when available.

We hope you enjoy the stunning Augmented reality APP from Beloved Bespoke Ltd.

APP Creators/Developers - Mustard Design Ltd - Tel. +44 (0)2392 596450 / email: