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Spot the Differences in two Car Pictures - Photo Puzzle Game - What's the difference?

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Find what's the difference in two car pictures, find it in 60 seconds!

Are you a fan of cars and photo puzzles? Do you like thinking games and comparing “photo pairs”? If your answer is yes, Spot the Difference – Cars is the right game for you! Train your brain for expert difference detection with lots of challenging levels and cool pictures of cars. What's the difference? Are you skilled enough to find it? Compare photos attentively and find all five differences in two photos.

Careful, do not let the cool car images distract you, the clock is ticking! Can you “tell the difference” yet? Look better, like in hidden object games! You can do it, be persistent and make differences show themselves! Download Spot the Difference – Cars and enjoy playing hide and seek with photo pairs!

Game Features:

- Cool pictures! Spot the difference!
- 100 levels, each more challenging than the previous!
- Old cars, new cars, sports cars, vintage cars, classic cars and more!
- Simple and intuitive touch controls!
- 5 differences, find them all!
- 4 power-ups: add time, freeze time, show one difference, skip level!
- You have 60 seconds! The clock is ticking!
- You get reward at the end of each level!
- Track your progress! Pick up where you left off when you leave the game!
- Hours of exciting game-play with tons of car pictures to keep you entertained!

*** A Great Entertainment & An Excellent Brain Trainer ***

This cool “spot the difference game” is a double treat: you get to look at “car pictures”, everything from “sports cars”, vintage cars, “classic cars” to new cars, and at the same time enjoy a challenging “brain training”. Spot the Differences in two Car Pictures - is both a source of great entertainment and an excellent brain trainer. Do not let your wits get rusty, play “spot the difference games”! Improve your observation skills; exercise your brain with free and fun games like this “find the difference game”.

*** Keep Your Eyes Wide Open – Spot them all! ***

“Spot the Difference ” is quite easy to play. You get two almost identical images that actually have five differences. Your task is to spot all five diffs in all photo pairs. To do that, you have 60 seconds. Look carefully, when you think you can tell the difference be quick, press on it to highlight it. But beware, if you press the wrong spot you will lose time. Enjoy a hundred exciting levels and cool car images. Play this spot it game like a pro! Keep your eyes wide open, spot it, find it quickly, before the time is up!

*** Photo Puzzle Game - Perfect for Ages 7 to 77 ***

“Picture puzzles” are excellent games for brain exercise but at the same time they are very addicting games. So do not get surprised if you end up playing spot the difference picture puzzles for hours. How ever difficult it might seem in certain levels, distinction is there, the question is can you findit? These kinds of games for kids and adults are perfect to train your brain. If you are a fan of free puzzle games and educational brain teasers this is an ideal app for you. These types of car games are games that you can play for hours and they will still make you come back for more. These games are also excellent learning games for kids, perfect for ages 7 to 77. Download Spot the Difference, raise your IQ and concentration levels and show your friends how good you are at finding differences. Enjoy!

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