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周公解梦 for iOS8

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- The Duke of Zhou used Chinese world best reputation;

- The domestic top professional psychology team to support the interpretation of dreams;
- Master multi angle interpretation of dream, dream for you real case analysis;
- More than 3,000,000 Mengyou cause and effect dream exchange here, whether decreed by fate or chance coincidence you believe, here can always find the answers you want. Aspiring to interpret a dream dear have the opportunity to exchange with like-minded friends and dream, have the opportunity to obtain "oneiromancy master" title oh.

"Product characteristics"
1, [keyword search function], the current market the most advanced search functions of the dream, as long as the input a keyword in the dream dream dream such as: snake, pregnancy, dream of the dead, dreamed of soliciting money, dream of examination, professional search engine can easily find the answers for you;
2, [classification retrieval functions], such as: figures like dream, dream plant animal class, dream, dream dream goods category, class activities, life dream, dream dream of ghosts and gods natural class, class, architectural dream, dream dream of pregnant women in other classes;
3, [the combination of Chinese and Western dream results], we respect the original Duke mysterious also proper fusion of Western dream theory, such as: psychological masterpiece "Freud dream analytic" through the integration of Chinese and Western dream essence to you the most reasonable answer;
4, [exchange], where you can "seeking dream" can "dream", this is the ordinary people of the exchange also is each dream masters haunt.
5, [about], here you can make your dream or the dream of "comment", you can also put your favorite dream through QQ, Qzone,weibo,wechat, circle of friends to share with your friends;
"Contact us"
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