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Harmonic Mix

iPhone / iPad
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  • Music
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Harmonic mixing (also called 'key mixing') is very popular technique to help DJ's smoothly mix between songs which are in musical keys that work really well with each other. There are various approaches but the most popular is using the OpenKey and Camelot wheels. This app is based on this same approach as the wheels, but it takes it a step further and gives you even more options as you mix. If you've never tried it, it sounds a bit far fetched at first, but it's amazing how well it works and if you delve into the underlying musical theory it all makes perfect sense. As well as the typical move 1 place round the wheel options, it also gives you the well known two semitone 'energy boost' key option plus 4 additional keys you also can use if your DJ software lets you tweak a tracks key as it plays. All without a wheel and the complex jumping tables in sight!

The Harmonic Mix app supports OpenKey, Traktor and Camelot key notation styles to match those used in most DJ software applications.

Just select the current track’s key from the horizontal slider and see all of your next track options instantly. Beautifully simple!

Mix into songs which are in the same key or its directly related key using the 2 key values under the slider.

To stop the mix becoming boring, every 2 or 3 tracks simply move to the next compatible keys, using the next 2 key values shown (often referred to as 'moving around the wheel').

You can add an energy boost to your mix by going up two semitones and the next key value down shows this special energy boost key.

Finally, if your DJ software provides a feature allowing you to adjust the key of a song as it plays (as many now do), the next 4 values show you other keys which will work well with the current song if their key is adjusted slightly as they play. For example, the +1.00 key shown will typically mix well if you play a song in this key and turn the 'Key' knob in Traktor to +1.00, or 1 notch clockwise in VirtualDJ, etc. This limited amount of key change avoids the song changing too much so that it becomes noticeable to your dancefloor.

Harmonic mixing is a tool to help you DJ well, but bear in mind if you rely solely on it you may end up with boring mixes! You need to trust your own choices as well as this tool, as it is unable to take into account all of the other factors which you can, such as your audience, odd ball songs which just work well, etc.