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Philosophy of the Mohism

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My dear friend, have you ever heard about the stories and deeds of the civilian saint ——Mo Tse?
Do you know about the art that behavior conducts oneself in life revealed in “universal love, non-offensive” theory of Mo Tse?
Do you want to have the talent management wisdom of “respecting the scholars” theory?
These arts have been silent for thousands of years, acting as the wisdom of several generations of thinkers and the philosophy of life.
Of course, the real greatest wisdom can be temporarily silent, but it can not be lonely for ever.

Through the accumulation of dust for thousands of years, the gorgeous and dazzling splendor of wisdom can be recovered. Then the journey of “tasting the mohist wisdom and explore the life philosophy” can start ……
“Frugality and funeral-controlling” theory ——the way for collecting money and utilizing money;
“Tian Zhi and Ming Gui” theory ——the simple faith standard;
“No subjection to destiny” ——an optimistic existence concept;
“Self-cultivation” ——the foundation of self-respect;
“Paying equal attention to one’s education and behavior” ——the educational notion and unique educational method of mohist.

Each kind of thoughts of mohist can be the experience in life philosophy and life wisdom. Here you can learn the talent management wisdom, the way for collecting money and utilizing money, the optimistic existence concept and the unique educational method ……
Each kind of wisdom can be the precious life experience and each kind of wisdom can be the treasure in Mohism.
Sui Xiaoming, with the bachelor degree in Chinese literature, is an experienced senior author and he will lead you to taste the wisdom of Mohism and reflect on the life philosophy.

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