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Me and My Cats

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Raising cats has become a new trend among people. Many modern men and women treat cats as their best friends and family members. They can help people to adjust the mood and release pressure; they have become the soul mate to many people. We could live loving life together with them.

I have 2 cats, a lovely and humble male cat, a noble and brilliant female cat. If you wanna know the world of cats, just come with me!

If you have no cat, what my two lovely cats did will initiate your impulse to raise one. The cat will be with you no matter you are happy or not, no matter your are bored or busy.

If you are raising cats or cats lover, I will tell you they living habits, species and raising methods, which mainly contains the following parts: health care both for the cats and cats owner, DIY food for cats, build and clean the cat house, tips for get well along with the cats, etc.

This app teaches you more than raising cats; it also teaches us a new lifestyle.

【Characteristics of the app】

Lovely pictures
Cute voice of the cats
Exquisite background composing
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

Cats and all animals are comfort creatures that cannot be compared to any human comfort.
--- Rascalwolf
This is a very good cat app for cat lovers everywhere!
--- Oliver
I love animals! But I have no confidence in raising them.
--- Daybicat

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