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Having an unlimited ability to communicate, educate, engage, entertain, motivate and inspire while at the same time solve one of the most serious health issues challenging our society, makes the JV Genius Community application of very high value.
Our features listed below allow us to deliver a mentoring and coaching experience via the app that there is no other way to achieve.
> Built in Chat Feature
> iAD Advertising
> Self-contained to deliver any kind of media right in the App
> Deliver live streaming video
> Deliver HD Video
> Delivers Audio
> Import unlimited RSS blog feeds
> Deliver pre-programmed content cues scheduled with unlimited future posting
> Sharing via Social Media sites with direct links to App Store
> Sharing to contact list with direct link to the App Store
> Sharing via AirDrop
> Sharing to the Things App
> Built in email program
> Direct help line
> Direct auto-dial
> Unlimited content archive storage
> Links to e-magazine
> Calendar link
This application is uniquely designed to help the JV Genius Community achieve financial success while at the same time invest in their health. Most people spend their lives trying to be financially successful only to find out that by the time they achieve that success they do not have the most important commodity they need to enjoy that success, their health. The JV Genius App successfully accomplishes both offering those who download it a unique experience never done before in an application.
Join The JV Genius and receive the kind of Relationship capital where “The client win is always first.” Muhammad Siddique is the president of JV Genius and guides achievers who are experts in their fields to attain worldwide status and premium clients by creating a flood of qualified leads that quickly transform into high-paying customers. Clients fortunate to benefit from his genius explode their business growth to millions and elevate their marketplace impact with speed, finesse, and – most importantly -- without burning out.
Secondly, the application solves the major health issue rampant in our society, inactivity. The research linking too much sitting with increased risks of disease and premature death is quite eye-opening:
A study of more than 17,000 Canadians found that the mortality risk from all causes was 1.54 times higher among people who spent most of their day sitting compared to those who sat infrequently.
The risk of metabolic syndrome rises in a dose-dependent manner depending on your "screen time" (the amount of time you spend watching TV or using a computer). Physical activity had only a minimal impact on the relationship between screen time and metabolic syndrome.
People who use a computer for 11 hours or more a week, or watch TV for 21 hours or more a week, are more likely to be obese than those who use a computer or watch TV for 5 hours a week or less.
An editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine also highlighted much of the recent evidence linking too much sitting with biomarkers of metabolic health. They reported research showing sitting time correlates with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other prevalent chronic health problems.
The application offers a unique approach to solve this problem. Every hour the Application delivers a exercise video that not only reminds the end user to take a break but deliveries a short exercise video that the user of the App simply follows by watching the video and then once the short video ends they are directed back to work. By providing a short video every hour the application is the only application that offers a simple solution to a very challenging health issue.
Of course, the goal of the App is to bring an experience to the JV Genius Community to help them achieve success.