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Tranquil Spectrum HD

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The Tranquil Spectrum App can be used for all ages and all meditation practices such as Mindfulness, Buddhist methods, Sanskrit Mantras, TM (Transcendental meditation) and the Guided Imagery Meditations, to name a few. Not just for beginners.

The Tranquil Spectrum Mobile Application offers more opportunities for personal choices than other meditation Apps. It is the only guided meditation App that offers a healing 30 minute body scan with female vocals, and also has a shorter 10 min refresher version with male vocals. If you crave just healing music, or the meditative sounds of the ocean without voices, these options are also available, all in the same application. It gives you total control of the sound mix between voice and music and an automatic shut off to save battery when you fall asleep. The TS App combines binaural beat ethereal background music (lowers brainwave frequency- instantly producing a relaxing effect) with positive affirmations, color therapy, and visualization of nature-all proven ways to release stress.

This east meets west guided meditation is perfect for those traveling, or bedridden, or trying to catch some zz’s, or in need of a break without the coffee. Imagine being able to step off a crowded commuter train or long overseas flight feeling fresh and relaxed, or having the power to clear away negativity after a stressful workday.