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Personal Health Tracker

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With Personal Health Tracker, an app integrated with HealthKit, you can easily monitor weight changes with visualized graphs and record calories burned after workout. Simply fill in your personal details and the app will calculate and record relevant information. For example, fill in your workout type and duration each time you finish, and the app will calculate how many calories you burned.

You can also import CSV files to HealthKit without having to fill in all the old data. Adjust the columns, get the weight CSV files ready and choose import, hundreds of records will immediately be imported to your HealthKit database to be used right away!

Personal Health Tracker integrates with Apple iBeacon technology, you can place iBeacon in your usual whereabouts so that when you leave the region for workouts, the timer will start, when you enter the region, the timer will end and remind you to record your workout data. You can also set it so that it starts timing when you enter the region and end when you leave instead, so that no workout records will be lost.


1. Fill in your weight, and the easy-to-use interface will automatically calculate relevant data and record it in HealthKit to track your condition. You can add additional picture or memo help you track your health.

2. Integrated with Apple iBeacon technology, the timer will start when you enter the region and end when you leave, help you record your workout duration.

3. Once workout type and duration are filled in, calories burned will automatically be calculated.

4. 'CSV import' feature allows users to import current weight data to HealthKit.