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Hospitals Nepal

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What would you do: you or somebody you know is sick? He needs to get to the hospital. How do you know which one? You may sometimes want just a simple regular checkup not an expensive diagnosis, how do you know the ticket price the hospital charges, up front. How do you call the ambulance of that particular hospital? What if it’s not available? What if the hospital you choose has no department you were longing? Sometimes we have to get to hospital fast, emergency case, how do you select which hospital is near to you? We hereby present you this little application as an initiative to solve these kinds of problems, one in hundreds of us Nepali face each day.
Health is not wealth, lost wealth can be earned. This app will help you save some health rather than getting into hassle of traveling the city, through jams and dusty roads to consult weather that particular hospital meets our need or not. Calling the hospital won’t help us, hospitals are very busy nowadays. We start roaming again, through odds. Let’s stop and think about it, why shouldn’t our smartphone help us out. This idea is implemented almost in all countries, now it’s our turn.

This is a breakthrough in searching and getting better hospital services digitally. The app provides a wonderful minimalistic design, efficient run time and response added to the power of incredible database of hospitals, we managed to collect painstakingly just for you. The good news is the app will be updated frequently, with added locations, hospitals and clinics too. The best news is, this app is absolutely free for the time being. Those who are installing it now are getting a head start with zero cost.


#Search among hundreds of hospital by name (may be partial or just some keys to it) or location. For example: you can search 'nor' which will likely bring Norvic OR you can search 'gon' and soon the hospitals located in Gongobu may slide in or Hospital named Gongotri. With every new character entered, updated search results appear. No need to wait until enter key is pressed.

#Click the hospital you like to get information about: get the details like ticket price, open and close time, 24 hours emergency availability and different departments the hospital facilitates. Get to see which doctors are associated to that hospital.

#You get 2 phone numbers to hospital (This is a hot line). To call any one, just touch the numbers and we will make your call. Easy to call, just touch the phone numbers.

#If you do want to visit their web site for detailed information, we provide a link to the hospital in the same screen. Touch it. See it. (All hospitals may not have their own home pages)

#If you want to know where the hospital is exactly, in google MAP, click the navigate button and you land on google maps showing the zoomed location of that hospital. Precision of location is around 3 meters.

#All the ambulance service providers inside valley are enlisted. So, there's our emergency numbers. Again touch to call.

#Most of it, the hospital app is meant to be viewed in offline mode. We all don’t have that wifi connectivity everywhere and 3G costs a lot. You don’t need a working connection to use this app and benefit but you will need if you choose to see the location in Google maps.

READ THE POLICY STATEMENT BEFORE YOU BEGIN ANYTHING. It matters. Hit menu and choose policy.