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* Features
>Recommendation & Matching of a Personal Trainer Tailored for an Individual User
>Systematic & Effective Management in Diet, Exercise & Physical Fitness of an Individual User by
a Personal Trainer
>Consistent Recording of Each User’s Performance in Diet, Exercise & Physical Fitness to Speed up
the Health Process
>Various Graphic Display of All The Data to be inputted by a Personal Trainer & an Individual User

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*Main Functions
> PT(Personal Training) User List – Management of Existing Users and Registration of New Users
> PT Performance Schedule – Sharing & Control of PT Performance Schedule
> PT User’s Exercise Information – Recording of PT User’s Exercise Performance and Tailored Coaching
for Physical Fitness & Health
> My Personal Trainer – Searching, Recommendation & Matching of Personal Trainers Tailored for an
Individual User
> Graphic Display of Performance Result –
Physical Changes: Body Composition, Calorie, Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar
Weight Changes: Weight Changes according to Exercises
Before & After: Chart to show How a User’ Body Shape Changes
> Inputting of Muscular Strength Exercise – Inputting of Exercise Body Parts & Exercise Types per Weights,
Numbers & Sets
> Inputting of Cardiovascular (or Aerobic) Exercise – Display of Burnt Calorie per Exercise Types & Times
> Inputting of Foods Intake – Display of Calorie & Nutritional Contents per Foods Intake
> Trainer Program – Registration of Original Exercises which Personal Trainers Create by Combining over 2
kinds of Exercises for more Efficient PT
>*Slacktivism – Convenient Input Service to Reduce Each User’s Stress & Time for Inputting Performance
> Health Life – Sharing of Exercise & Health Information via SNS, Sharing PT Events & D/C Information
> Profile – Registration of Self-Introduction, Specialized Fields & Interested Fields
>Talk – Messenger Service to be able to Counsel with Recommended Trainers