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營計寶 Nutrition Calculator (i5)

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Health & Fitness
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平台: iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S, iPad/iPad2/new iPad
作業系統: iOS v6.0.2 以上.

1. 支援多名使用者,建立個人檔案,計算身體質量指數 (BMI) 及每日能量需要。
2. 為你喜愛的預先包裝食物, 建立食物資料庫。
3. 按脂肪、糖或鈉的含量,將食物排序, 並顯示符合聲稱低脂、低糖或低鈉條件的食物。
4. 透過藍芽裝置,與其他用戶交換食物資料庫內的食物資料。
5. 透過”流動資訊小錦囊”,認識不同營養素的每天攝取上限及每天目標攝取量。
6. 透過輸入食物的進食量,估計你進食食物後攝取多少營養素。
7. 透過與每日攝取上限比較,估計適合你的營養素攝取量。
8. 於攝取量記錄中, 記錄營養素攝取量及每日攝取上限百分比(最多可保留三十個記錄),用戶亦可刪除選擇的記錄。




Nutrition Calculator (NuCal) is a mobile application tool. It is updated from an internet tool called Nutrition Label Widget developed by the Centre for Food Safety in 2010 for making better food choices by using nutrition labels.

Platform: iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S, iPad/iPad2/new iPad
OS version: iOS v6.0.2 or above

It serves eight main functions:
1. Support multi-user to set up personal profile for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) and Daily Energy Requirement.
2. Construct your personal database of your favourite prepackaged food.
3. Rank food in your personal database by contents of fat, sugars or sodium and show food which meets the conditions claiming low fat, low sugars or low sodium.
4. Exchange the information of food in your personal database with other users through Bluetooth.
5. Recognise daily upper limit and daily intake goal of different nutrients in scrolling widget.
6. With the amount of food consumed, estimate how much nutrients you will take.
7. Estimate your desirable nutrient intake as compared with the daily intake upper limit.
8. Keep track of nutrient intake and percentage of daily intake upper limit with reference to intake history records. (Retain maximum 30 records). User can also delete selected records.

For the fun about nutrition labelling, please visit

Centre for Food Safety, the food safety authority of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is responsible for ensuring food sold in Hong Kong is safe for human consumption.

The result generated by NuCal is determined by the data entered. Food traders may change their recipe and packaging from time to time and users may keep track of the foods of their interest.