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Richard Lane Mystery: The Million Dollars Break-in

iPhone / iPad
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An old gentleman read in the newspaper that the bank he was using was broken into, he decided that he needed to do something about it. He withdrew all his money out of the bank to deposit the money elsewhere. In the process of doing this, he found that his own safe in the house could not be opened.

When he started to write letters to the newspaper's forum column to complain about the safe, his letters resulted in a huge following. When Richard Lane read the letters written by the old gentleman, he had a hunch about the bank break-in and solved the case. What did Richard Lane see in the old gentleman's letters that allowed him to help the police solve the case?

Put yourself in the shoes of Richard Lane as he offers his help to the police to find the solution to this inexplicable case. As the details of the case is presented to Lane, you have the opportunity to solve it before Lane gives the solution.

This is one of the Richard Lane's You-Solve-It Mysteries where each story is a challenge to you to exercise your brain cells. Every story starts with a situation with a mysterious circumstance that baffles the police. Each case then leads to Lane's involvement, either because he reads a newspaper article about the crime and spots the crucial clue, or sometimes it's the police that gets Lane involved by calling him for advice regarding a case. He frequently makes a statement about the case, and the statement would help the police inspector identify who the culprit is, or locate a missing object, or interpret a crucial clue. Whatever the case may be, you will be given an opportunity to solve the case, or explain why Lane makes a statement, or predict what recommendations Lane will make for the case.

After you have gone through the case, touch 'HINT' and you will receive some hint about the case. Touching 'SOLVE' in the hint page will allow you to see how Lane unravels the mystery with logical thinking.

Take up the challenge!