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Wings Browser

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[Browser Wings - Wings]

Fun and enjoy surfing the web!

The App Wings was planning to give wings to your iPad.
App is simply constructed,but this will be really useful App.

- The main function of the Wings -
* You can use a web window to 2-4.
Use the plus and minus buttons button, you can convenient add or delete a Web Window. You can use a total of two to four Web Window, you can place your web window into 7 types.

*You can use the screen as one of the four intuitive browser tools.
You can use the full-screen view function.
Use one of the browser tool to get the best utilization of the screen. One tool is a browser. However, it is to be used as a way for anyone to use intuitive quick adaptation.

* You can play web media. (Video - YouTube, Sporting events and other video ...)
You can enjoy a lot of the media provided by the web page. You can surf the web at the same time to take advantage of the web window. (However, you can only play one video iPad internal nature.)

- How to take advantage of the Wings -
* You can enjoy surfing the web faster and at the same time as a variety of web windows windows 7 type up to four.
* While enjoying a variety of video services on the Web, you can enjoy surfing the web in another web window independently.
*You can enjoy a mobile Web page or wepaep provided with high quality at the same time.
* You can watch a Youtube MV and Twitter, Facebook utilized.
* This is in addition to the many ways high utilization Browser-Wings.

Please watch the Browser-Wings. Thank you.