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Your Personal Communicator

IdeoVoice® allows you to create an interactive communication grid is designed for individuals affected by speech or language challenges, IdeoVoice® combines visual cues, such as ideograms, personal images and/or images from the Internet, that are linked to audio cues — either a natural sounding vocal synthesizer or personal voice recording — to facilitate verbal exchange and language learning. Ideal for, but not limited to, people with cognitive impairments, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aphasia/dysphasia, Stroke, brain injury, ALS, intellectual disabilities, vocal cord impairments. IdeoVoice® provides assistive communication support, promotes independence, and empowers individuals to be more confident in their daily interactions and conversations.

IdeoVoice® is the flagship software product from Oralys and is now being offered as an app. Oralys, a privately-held Canadian company with over 10 years of expertise in researching and developing consumer "brainware" technology. With a focus on assistive and augmentative technology for people who require support in the areas of communicating, organizing and/or learning, Oralys has become an industry leader in smartware and enabling solutions. The company's goal is to empower individuals with user-friendly and needs-based applications.

Oralys applications are designed in collaboration with specialists in the fields of education, health and research, in order to ensure relevance and effectiveness. They are unique in that they are easily personalized to meet very individual needs, and ultimately designed to promote; personal development, daily living skills, cognitive abilities, facilitate communication, increase independence and a sense of increased autonomy.
Empowering, adaptive & assistive
- No internet connection required
- Can be personalized to an individual’s interests with pictograms, images and photos
- Fully-integrated bank of 3,500 ideograms to choose from
- Quick and easy integration of photos from your own device
- Natural-sounding voice synthesizer or the ability to record your own voice
- Create an unlimited number of categories, words and phrases
- Customize to user's vocabulary
- Communicate at school, work or at home in the language of choice
- Ensures that individuals have appropriate ways to express their wants and needs
- Facilitates bidirectional communication and verbal exchanges
- Presents words and phrases visually for added confidence
- Can be adapted to meet diverse communication needs
- Enables users to share information quickly and accurately

Evolutionary in nature
- As an individual's communication needs change or evolve, IdeoVoice® can be adapted accordingly
- User or caregiver/assistant can create an unlimited number of categories, words and phrases.

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