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TruPwr is an APP that extends battery life for video play time by managing the luminance dynamics of the content selected for playback and backlight levels on the iOS device display. User can select their own videos by either sync'ing via iTunes or downloading their files from DropBox.

A marketing description of how TruPwr works is as follows:

"Our eyes see what’s true by adjusting acuity to the available light at all times maximizing detail to match illumination. The human eye does not do tone mapping or any other complicated computational analysis. In today’s content delivery systems there are too many unimportant data bits or even the wrong bits being emphasized in order to show the best picture. Trusight allows the viewer experience to be more closely matched to the creator’s intent by locally optimizing their display to match the characteristics of the content creation environment while reducing power usage and significantly extending battery life on mobile devices. Trusight puts the light back into the picture.”