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EUROPE-LIST – Searching for a european culture

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What on Earth is Europe?

The EUROPE-LIST gives answers to such questions as: What keeps us together? Which are our most eminent cultural achievements? How do our neighbours from Casablanca to Beirut perceive Europe?

In which language is saying “I love you” the most beautiful? Who is the most eminent European artist? In which of these counties would you like to spend more time than just an all-inclusive holiday: in Poland, Malta or in Germany?

In short, the EUROPE-LIST is a list of the best of our cultural and living Europe.

The app includes:

* The results of a survey, in which more than 22,000 people interested in Europe took part.
* Comments, essays and interviews of 30 eminent European personalities such as Umberto Eco, Terézia Mora or Slavoj Žižek
* Documentation of performances and events, discussing the results of the EUROPE-LIST
* Interactive elements such as 99 European insider tips and a Europe Quiz