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--- The Evolution Spiral Begins! ---

In ’Through the Looking-Glass’ written by Lewis Carroll, the Red Queen said, ‘It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place’. Her words fit well to describe the natural battle for survival: just as one combatant gains the upper hand, the other combatant evolves in response. This results in what is know as an ‘evolution spiral.'
This game is a battle of existence between the hamster and aliens. In other words, this is a game of producing an ‘evolution spiral.’
The aliens evolve and adapt to your status.

* Aliens have DNA that dictates their behaviour patterns and status. So it is possible to forecast their behaviour.
* This makes it even more rewarding for players to defeat aliens after predicting their behaviour.
* This is also like an evolutionary arms race, forcing both aliens and the hamster to continue to adjust their status points!

- 999 stages total
- Around 30 sec per 1 stage
- The points rewarded after each level can be distributed to varius characteristics.
- Aliens' offensive and diffensive abilities are shown by their color.
- Players can re-distribute their status points using special items, which lets them compensate after losing several straight games.
- Sixteen kinds of items, a powerful bullet, recovering item etc.
- Players can get one new item a day when they start app. (Daily application start bonus)
- You can see the TOP 100 ranking and the status of all players from all over the world .
- Even players who are outside of that ranking can check their own position.
Let's move up your ranking!

Aliens came to the earth from their Candy Star for a sightseeing vacation. Unfortunately for them, their first resting place was the house a feisty hamster. Worried that this was the beginning of a full alien invasion, the hamster armed himself with a pitching machine and began flinging sunflower seeds to repel the invaders. It's up to you to make sure he can protect his house!

*Special Thanks
Stanford Schor

Sponsored by TARTE INC.