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tribesta, first every day social safety app, that gets you and connects you.

tribesta is a social safety app that connects tribe members – your family, friends, employers/employees, members, groups, sports, clubs, preschools, schools, students, travellers, volunteers, retirement/aged care residents, passengers, residents in regions – all tribes - one community.

You decide when you need to communicate and how. Use any 1 of the 4 ‘one tap’ buttons:

1) I’m OK – one tap and your tribe knows you’re OK, the time and your location on a map.

2) Let’s Go – one tap and your tribe knows to pick you up or watch over you while you’re on the move.

3) Tribe Alert – one tap and your tribe knows you feel uncomfortable, ‘more than a map’ shows you and your tribe each other’s location so you and your tribe can make quick decisions how to best help.

4) 000 – tap and you call Triple Zero 000, your tribe is alerted, your critical profile and next of kin or preferred contact information is available to your trusted tribe.

When you download the app join invite a minimum of two tribe members before your account is active. Why it’s back up, to make sure someone is available when you need them.

There are two tribe groups.
• I’m Ok (your primary tribe) they receive all messages from all 4 buttons and
• I’m Not OK (secondary tribe) they only receive tribe alerts and Triple Zero 000 alerts (as your calling Triple Zero 000)

We are a free to be app, meaning it’s your life - go live it. tribesta helps you stay connected, make informed choices as you go about your life.

We are not a big brother tracking app and never will be. You choose who, when and what is communicated with your trusted tribe.

Want to change your tribe? Simply add, delete and slide your tribe into different communication modes (I’m Ok or I’m Not OK) as needed. Whether its for one minute one day or one year its your tribe, its your call.

Want to see when and whom you need to pick up? Check out the map history at your fingertips.

Get alert notifications for I’m Ok, on the move, watch me, pick me up, tribe alert or when you’ve called Triple Zero 000, (Emergency Services).

Further peace of mind that your trusted tribe only in an emergency can view your critical medical information to help communicate your critical information as may be needed. Only in an emergency can authorised personnel view your critical profile.

Your critical profile is as simple or as detailed as you want. We believe you know what you want communicated and what you want shared with your trusted tribe in an emergency.

The every day social safety app, that gets you and connects you.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."