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This app can be used for treatment of PTSD. It is build from the ground up to be easy to use for clinicians. This app has two build in methods for treatment:


This method is relatively new and has advantages compared to the original method. When you select this option you can make your own playlists and add music to the playlist from your own library. When you select play from the menu the app will take the songs and modify them on the fly. The music will go from one ear to the other. The music will be fully on the right ear and the volume for the left ear is off. During the transition the volume for the left ear will go up and down for the right ear. Until there is no sound on the right ear and fully on the left ear. This will go back and forth from ear to the other. The speed of the transition can be modified. Even during the session while the song is playing the clinicians can modify the speed of the transition. The BIG ADVANTAGE by using music is the continuously feeding of music to the memory. By using the original method there will be no memory usage between a tone on the left ear and the right. When using music the memory usage will be constant and can result in faster treatment. Our advice is to use calm and easy to listen songs.


This is the original method of PTSD treatment. This method will give a tone to the left ear then the right and will come back to the left. You can select before and during the session the speed of the transition of the tone.

There is an built in method to prevent the device from going to sleep during the session. This way the music/tone will not accidentally stop during the session.

If there are any questions regarding the usage of the app there is an help build in to explain every detail about the app. For more help,suggestions or app requests you can mail to . You can mail directly from within the app too.